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We supply a suite of software products which will assist you in improving the way documents are printed, shared, managed and stored within your organisation.


Our in-depth consultation process will provide you with the right solution to improve your internal processes and workflows, whilst ensuring that information integrity and security is maintained

Process Optimisation and Document Management software

Premier Managed Technologies is an independent supplier, with access to the very best Process Optimisation and Document Management software in the marketplace and we now have a solution to fit any organisation and any budget. Process Optimisation software will help you to improve document workflows, increase security and provide one easy to access repository for your digitised documents. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation and scoping meeting.

Print Management Software

Premier Managed Technologies can help you to get a handle on what is being printed in your organisation, helping you reduce waste, control costs and effectively manage document security. We supply industry leading print management software which will give your users the ability to securely send prints to any networked printer within your organisation, scan and OCR documents to make them text searchable & editable as well as being able to print from any BYOD such as mobiles and tablets. 

Integrating paper with your digital processes

In the workplace, we are so used to working digitally that paper documents can really slow us down. But in many workplaces, a completely paperless environment is impossible. So how do we integrate paper documents with our digital processes so that we can maintain our workflows and productivity?

A document scanner is a simple solution to turn paper documents into digital documents. Yet as a regular JPEG or PDF, the scanned document cannot be edited, searched for and processed in the same way as regular files, thereby slowing down our workflows. Scanning software however can provide the functionality to edit, search for and process scans so that they can be used like other documents or files. Scanning software solutions can allow us to:

  • Create searchable PDF’s for easy filing, finding and recovery of files
  • Create editable PDF’s from scanned documents
  • Automatically store scanned documents according to your business workflow, improving productivity and reducing human error
  • Read scanned information off the page to create intelligent file names and folders
  • Intelligently route and share scans to different locations, including folders, emails and the cloud