Technical support

Our core strength is looking after our customers, which is why all our products are provided with a comprehensive service agreement that will keep everything working as it should.

Maintenance & Servicing:

Maintenance & Servicing

Contact us now if you need technical support with your printer, even if it’s not currently covered under a service agreement with us.

Regular servicing

Regular servicing is the first step to ensuring your equipment stays in working order and we include regular routine servicing throughout the duration of the agreement.

Pro-Active Service

We utilise the latest technology so that we can securely monitor your equipment remotely, which allows us to pre-empt any potential problems before they occur.


Our dedicated team is on hand to help you with any issues, some of which can be resolved remotely. For those trickier issues, our team of expert technicians are strategically located to call in and fix your problems as quickly as possible.