What is FollowMe or Find Me Printing?

We ask what is FollowMe and Find Me printing and what are the benefits?

FollowMe and Find Me printing are both brand names for print management software that allows users to print to a shared, virtual print queue which can then be released at any chosen networked printer.

What is FollowMe Printing:

FollowMe is the print management software from Ringdale that has been established since 1997.  It allows users to print to a shared print queue and then release their print job from their chosen output device. It is compatible with print devices from any manufacturer.

What is Find Me Printing:

Find Me printing is a more recent arrival to the market, but it forms an essential part of the comprehensive print management software portfolio from PaperCut. It has the same features as FollowMe printing but it is growing in its popularity as it comes as part of the full software package from PaperCut, offering additional print management functions.

How does FollowMe and Find Me Printing Work?


With FollowMe and Find Me printing, users can hit ‘print’ from their desktop, laptop or mobile device, but rather than going straight to a printer, the print job is sent to a virtual queue. The user can then release their print job with a pin number or swipe card, by going to a release station and selecting which printer to print from, taking into account wait times and location. This process has many benefits to both the user and the organisation:

The Benefits of Find Me and FollowMe Printing:

          It prevents accidental printing, as you need to confirm each print job at the printer before it is released.

          It stops printing being lost, as the user will be at the printer when the printing is released. This saves wastage but is also vital for the protection of secure data and information and GDPR.

          It improves user productivity as you can just hit print when you are ready, rather than waiting until you are near a printer. This is really valuable for people who work remotely or from home.

          Productivity is further enhanced as you can see which printers are busy and choose to print to a device which doesn’t have a long queue. It is also possible to have this decision automated by the network.

          As each print job is allocated to each user, printing can be tracked, providing insight to costs and usage which can then be controlled and managed more effectively

FollowMe and Find Me printing will ultimately save organisations money by reducing unnecessary printing, improve document security by releasing only when ready to collect, and improve efficiencies, so printing processes don’t slow people down.

At Premier Managed Technologies, we have been working with schools and businesses in the Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Sussex regions to help them to reduce print costs and work more efficiently using print management solutions exactly like this. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you and save you money, why not give us a call and arrange a free print consultation.

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