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Zehnder Group (UK) Camberley

 Case Study: Zehnder Group (UK), Camberley


A Breath of Fresh Air: Increased Print Security and Lower Costs at Zehnder Group

For indoor climate specialists, Zehnder, delivering innovative, reliable and efficient solutions is what they do. So when they identified challenges in their printing security and higher than desired printing costs, they knew an innovative and efficient solution must be found. 

As major partners of Ricoh UK Ltd, the UK’s market leaders for office equipment, we were able to identify and deliver a solution for Zehnder that increased security, reduced costs and integrated with their existing systems.

Here’s what happened:

Problems with Existing Print Facilities

From the outset, Zehnder Group (UK) wanted to find a more efficient way of controlling its printing and copying services whilst adding features to increase the security of confidential documents. The challenges faced included:

  •       A variety of over 15 printers, copiers and fax machines being used across different departments.
  •       Lack of security for printing, providing a challenge when printing confidential documents.
  •       No understanding of who was printing what, or ability to control or manage print usage.
  •       The need for a system that integrated with their existing SAP system and door access proximity cards.

A Secure Print Solution:

The solution we supplied and installed for Zehnder included:

  •       5 multi-functional devices (MFD’s) strategically located across the business.
  •       Ricoh’s Universal Print Driver installed for uniformity across the network.
  •       Digital card readers installed on each device to read authentication provided by existing door access cards.
  •       Card Authentication Package (CAP) to improve security by tracking of confidential documents and ‘swipe and go’ authentication to release printing only when the document owner has swiped their card at their chosen printer.
  •       Enhanced Locked Print to allow users to pick up prints from another Ricoh device on the network.
  •       FlexRelease Servers which allows users to simply press ‘Print’, then select which device to collect from later – ideal for users who tend to be out of the office or for when people need quick, queue-free printing when they’re in a meeting.



Business benefits of Managed Printing and CAP :

With new multi-functional devices and software to help manage and control printing at Zehnder’s Camberley office, they were able to:

  •       Reduce unnecessary printing and print wastage as print jobs are confirmed and printed only when the owner uses their swipe card.
  •       Increase security by ensuring that confidential documents are only printed when the document owner is present and able to authenticate the action using their swipe card.
  •       Create added security without any additional log-ins, passwords or access cards with print access enabled via existing door access cards.
  •       Eliminate the need for fax machines, using secure scan-to-email functions instead.
  •       Reduce office equipment by 66%.
  •       Visibility over print usage in the business enabling increased control and management of printing costs.


In summary, now that the software has been successfully implemented, users can login to any of the five devices across the network and collect their print jobs, copy documents or scan to their email address. This has added important security to all the features of the MFD’s – and in particular printing and scanning. With cost savings in printing, the solution provided is a cost-effective way to improve printing practices across the Camberley office.





 “The real challenge was to find us a solution that not only provided the security and cost savings we sought – but that worked with our existing door cards.   Premier Managed Technologies have delivered on all counts. ”

Group IT Director, Zehnder Group

An Education In Managed Print Solutions At The Marist School

Managed Print Case Study: The Marist School


An Education in Managed Print Solutions at The Marist School

The Marist School Independent Catholic Day School is a renowned centre of excellence for teaching and education in Berkshire. At a time when school budgets are being squeezed and time is so precious, having an efficient use of resources is imperative. Yet their amalgamation of outdated printing services meant that their IT support team were constantly challenged with helpdesk requests, printing downtime was becoming a major inconvenience for staff and costs were high and unmanageable.

At U.K. Office Systems, we believe that printing facilities should make teachers’ lives easier – not harder; that by reducing the costs associated with print wastage, schools will have more money to spend on the things that matter. So, we delivered a solution to The Marist School that was reliable, cost effective, and ultimately reduced print wastage to less than 1% of total print volume.  

Here’s what happened:

Problems with Existing Printing Facilities

When we first met with The Marist School, we identified several problems:

  •       Existing hardware consisted of many brands of predominantly desktop, unsupported Wax technology printers across the school.
  •       Printers were unreliable, demanding constant support from their onsite IT support team, taking them away from core IT tasks.
  •       Only one Multi-Functional colour device was available with limited access and expensive to maintain.
  •       High amount of print wastage and unnecessary colour printing.
  •       A need for increased document security for confidence in printing staff and pupil data.


The Managed Print Solution

The school was looking for a cost-effective and controllable solution with first class service and support. This is what we delivered:

  •       9 Multifunctional devices strategically located across the school campus.
  •       Pro-active support from the Premier Managed Technologies team, to identify potential issues before they arise plus reactive support from our locally based technical support team.
  •     PaperCut MF Software managing all printers to track and control print usage. This provides visibility of who is printing what but also allows the school to put controls in place to encourage double sided printing or limit user behaviour.
  •       Find-me printing through PaperCut means that users have to log-in to release their printing, increasing security and reducing paper wastage. 

The Results of a Managed Print Solution

The changes to the printing facilities at The Marist School have had some incredible results, including:

  •       Colour printing reduced from 50% of total pages to 15%.
  •       Print wastage reduced to less than 1% of total print volume.
  •       Reduced printing and print wastage have reduced teaching costs, relieving pressure on school budgets.
  •       Teachers are more satisfied, with less time dealing with broken printers and more time to teach!
  •       Visibility of printer usage means staff can manage their own costs and budget for their printing, encouraging a ‘think before you print strategy’.
  •       Less IT calls logged for printing issues due to the pro-active maintenance provided by the Premier Managed Technologies team.

School Principal Karl McCloskey summarised the impact of these changes perfectly, explaining, “In times when School budgets are being challenged and significantly compressed, efficiencies and cost saving measures are being actively sought across all areas of the school. This engagement with Premier Managed Technologies for a Managed Print Solution has enabled the Marist to achieve print output targets, reduce wastage and consequently drive down overheads in this area and exercise greater financial control of projected costs by determining print costs in advance.”