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Digital Display Screens and Interactive Displays

Digital Displays

Digital display screens are large television screens that are designed for commercial, professional and educational use. Digital displays are an ideal solution for sharing information with an audience. It can be updated as often as you like, from a variety of sources, making it a great medium for sharing up-to-date information, all of the time.

Our range of Toshiba digital displays have been designed for a variety of situations and environments. Whether you are looking to welcome visitors to your reception, provide product information or promotions to your customers or provide regular updates and information to staff or students, a digital display is a convenient and clear tool of communication.

Interactive Displays

Taken one step further, a touchscreen overlay can turn a digital display into an interactive presentation tool – inviting people to reach out and touch the screen, in an engaging, intuitive way. These screens have proven to be a great learning tool as well as a way to engage customesr or colleagues in commercial or professional environments.

We recommend…

For Digital Displays for Commercial or Professional Use…

The Toshiba TD-H3 Series

The Toshiba TD-H3 series is a range of televisions designed for easy set-up, which work well in commercial, professional and hospitality settings. These customisable screens come either HD ready (24” and 32”) or in Full HD (43” and 49”) with multiple inputs and the ability to receive broadcasts from a variety of sources. These digital screens have a built in TV-tuner, speakers and an embedded USB player for automatic playback of your content.


  • Commerical Professional TV
  • HD Ready (24” & 32”)
  • Full HD (43” & 49”)
  • Built in TV tuner

– DVB-T2/C (TD-H**353) – DVB-T2/C/S2 (TD-H**363)

  • Built in speakers
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Embedded USB player


For Bright, Professional Signage, All Day Long…

The Toshiba TD-E3 (E) Series

The Toshiba TD-E3(E) Series is robustly built and fully customisable to share High Definition information and visuals for up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. The HD screens come in sizes 32” to 55” plus a 65” 4K Ultra HD version and can be displayed in either portrait or landscape orientation. With lots of features including an embedded USB and scheduler plus embedded signage option, this screen is designed to impress. Also available in touchscreen.


  • 16/7 usage
  • Full HD (65” = 4K Ultra HD)
  • Landscape/portrait orientation
  • OPS slot
  • Embedded USB player & scheduler
  • Embedded signage with built-in memory option (TD-E3E derivative model)
  • Optional touchscreen available


For professional, engaging signage 24/7…

The Toshiba TD-P3 (E ) Series

The Toshiba TD-P3 (E ) series is the solution to provide clear, professional playback of content, 24/7. There is no need for an external media player with a secure, embedded USB to convey your audio, and visuals around  the clock. Available in Full HD in sizes 43” to 55” plus 4K Ultra HD in sizes 75” to 98”, these screens are fully customisable and allow tiling and connectivity with multiple screens for a multiscreen display. Available in touchscreen up to 55”.


  • 24/7 usage
  • Full HD (43” 49” 55”)
  • 4K Ultra HD (75” 86” 98”)
  • Landscape/portrait orientation
  • OPS slot
  • Embedded USB player & scheduler
  • Embedded signage with built-in memory option (TD-P3E model)
  • Optional touchscreen available (43” 49” 55”)