Digging for Victory: Premier Managed Technologies Plant Woodland for Future Generations

Premier Managed Technologies join Ricoh and other organisations to plant new Woodland in Epsom, Surrey

On Friday 23rd November, a group of volunteers from local businesses in the South-East of England joined Country File celebrity, Julia Bradbury and The Woodland Trust to plant trees in the Langley Vale Centenary Wood. The initiative from The Woodland Trust is part of a UK-wide programme to establish four Centenary Woods to commemorate the First World War. The volunteers, including a Director and Senior Engineer from leading Surrey print solutions provider, Premier Managed Technologies, were split into four teams, to see who could plant the most trees in the time allocated.

The site, on the edge of the Epsom Downs in Surrey is renowned for its 640 acres of rolling hills and grassy fields and the Woodland Trust has taken on the challenge to plant 200,000 trees in the area. These modern woodlands will foster habitats and safe environments for wildlife to thrive, capture Co2 and could stand for the next 2,500 years!

Premier Managed Technologies and other organisations are helping to fund this new woodland by supporting the Carbon Capture programme orchestrated by leading manufacturers Ricoh. The scheme ensures that 2p of every ream of Ricoh paper bought is donated to cause. As a direct result of the support from Premier Managed Technologies, 45 square foot of woodland has been planted, which Premier Managed Technologies Director, Sam Lay, and Senior Engineer Leon Mason helped to plant themselves.

Sam explained, “As a business, we want to work with partners who share our vision for sustainability and responsibility to the environment. This initiative from Ricoh allows us to play a direct role in supporting our local environment and balancing the impact of the Co2 emissions that are produced in our industry. It was truly back-breaking work but a great initiative and a cause we are proud to support.”

But the question on everyone’s lips is, who won the challenge? We asked Sam Lay if his team was victorious in the dig… “Unfortunately we never found out who planted the most, but I guess you could say we all won – because the trees we planted will be enjoyed by everyone and for future generations to come.”

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